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Fork Lift Trucks

C60/70/80D Gen2 Series

C60D/C70D/C80D GEN2 Series


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The Gen2 series diese1 powered6- 8ton range with the invincible combination of a 100 HP engine, automatic 3 stage transmission, wet disc brake and rugged chassis design provides the most exceptional performance, manoeuvrability and durability of its class.

lveco IOOHP, 4 cylinder, 4.5 liter, turbocharged, M5-MNS diesel engine realizes an exceptional output and torque as well as fuel economy, while meeting all EPA and European emission regulations.

Reliable ZF full automatic transmission equipped with a self-diagnostic electronic system and separately linked durable drive axle optimized for the C60/70/800 results in smooth but powerful driving in any application. Fully enclosed, long lived wet disc brake also maximizes productivity by its consistent performance.

Easy-to-read colour TFT LCD display provides not only real time information and error codes for the truck through a CAN bus system but also controls various functions to optimize the truck for the operatorís demands.

Just simply opening the two-pieced rear hood, assisted by a gas spring, allows quick and easy access to engine, transmission, radiator and air cleaner for daily checks and maintenance.

Centralized automobile type fuse and relay box for easy checking and maintenance.

Clark's adjustable full suspension seat lessens the operatorís fatigue during long hours of operation.

Spacious operator's compartment provides ample head and leg room for a variety of driver sizes. 38 degree tilting steering column, spacious console, large sized low effort pedals and an automobile type parking brake lever have been taken into consideration for convenience.

Easy and safe entry and exit is available by 2 stage low foot steps.

And various tools can be stored in Iarge tool box.

Forktips are always detectable due to the lowered cowl.

High located pre-cleaner plus a Iarge capacity air cleaner constantly supply clean air into the engine to maximize efficiency and protect the engine.

Unbeatable mast performance
Clark designed mast rail are nested, interlocked with sealed and canted rollers to minimize deflection.Shaft-mount carriages have six rail rollers and two side thrust rollers to protect against unbalanced loads.Hydraulic cushioning valves provide silent staging of the rails during lifting and lowering.New design 3 stage mast structure with twin primary cylinders located beside each mast rail, instead of at the centre, removes an obstruction from the operator's view.