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Fork Lift Trucks

EPX 16/18/20s

EPX 16/18/20s

  • *NEW
  • 100 % AC 48V 4-Wheel Multi-Tire Lift Truck
  • EPX 16 3,000 lbs 1500 kg
  • EPX 18 3,500 lbs 1800 kg
  • EPX 20s 4,000 lbs 2000 kg


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  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing

Features and Options:

  • Totally sealed and environmentally protected transistor (G.E CTS 450) controls.
  • New technology separately excited drive motors (SEM) offer high start-up torque and strong mid-range torque for greater gradeability and speed control
  • EPG has a special frame designed specifically for side battery removal
  • On Demand Power Steering Reduces noise and save energy as the system is activated only when the driver operates the steering wheel. (Option)