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Fork Lift Trucks

GEX 20/25/30

GenEX Series GEX 20/25/30

  • *NEW
  • AC 80V 4 wheel Pneumatic tire / Super elastic tire Lift Truck
  • GEX 20 4,000 lbs 2000 kg
  • GEX 25 5,000 lbs 2500 kg
  • GEX 30 6,000 lbs 3000 kg


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The CLARK GenEX AC-series

GEX 20/25/30

1985 was the most important year for the forklift industry since the development of the first forklift in 1917 by Clark. In 1985, the introduction of Clark’s Genesis series’ customer oriented concept truck was more than an evolution in the industry; it has since become the new standard for forklift construction.

20 years later, another important evolution is to be realized by the GenTX and GenEX.

GenEX… more than standard.

  • Exceptional performance, maneuverability,reliability under any conditions
  • AC Dual drive motors
  • Full AC
  • 110% perfect spin turn
  • Wet disc brake

Driving with remarkable acceleration, gradeability, and stability is always available with GenEX’s dual drive motors, which provide added traction, especially on wet or uneven surfaces. Each motors’ speed and direction is proportionally regulated by steer tire position, and along with a sharp-turn steer axle enables 110% perfect turning radius over any similar range trucks. Fully enclosed wet disc brakes also always provide constant brake performance even in humid, abrasive or corrosive environments., GenEX reacts precisely and dynamically to the operator’s lift and tilt requirements through its standard AC pump motor and controls.

Wet and uneven floors, and tight working environments are not a problem for the GenEX, just enjoy the Exceptional performance and maneuverability available from the new standard.

    • Extra cost saving
    • 100% full AC’s efficiency
    • Wet disc brake
    • Highly protected and reliable industry proven components

    GenEX comes standard with a hydraulic pump control and full proportional lift. The pump motor only spins as fast as the operator requests, expending only the needed energy. Regenerative braking available by releasing the accelerator pedal, changing direction of travel or applying service brake, returns energy into battery, not into the brakes in the form of heat.

    GenEX’s full AC system has made brush and contactor changes a thing of the past and the semi-permanent wet disc brake need no adjustment, and no periodical replacement of brake pads.

    Industry proven main components ensure high reliability, resulting in less down time. All motors are totally enclosed to seal out contaminants such as dust and water and are thermally protected by a temperature monitoring device that signals the control to cut back power should motor temperatures ever approach their limit. All controls are sealed, so they are environmentally protected, and mounted high off the ground on counterweight for protection.

    Experience the hidden bonuslower ownership costs with a standard GenEX

    • Excellent comforts, convenience
    • Real time information on a color display
    • Operator programmable parameters
    • Low noise pump
    • Various options

    Real-time operating information, captured by the reliable CAN Bus system, is displayed on a high visibility color TFT LCD. 80 kinds of stored fault codes found through self-diagnosis can be displayed, if anything is wrong with GenEX. Nearly 80 operating parameter such as maximum travel speed, hydraulic flow rate, acceleration ratio and brake performance, can be adjusted to meet specific working condition and operator’s requirements not by expensive extra handset or laptop computer, but by this smart display plus a simple password access function.

    For operator’s easy and comfortable operation with maximized safety, specially designed low noise hydraulic pump, standard suspension seat and other various optional items are available.

    • Mini lever
    • Fingertip Control on Armrest
    • Fork Leveler
    • Video Camera (backward, carriage)
    • Dual Pedal
    • Unitrol
    • Seat Shut Down
    • Automatic Seat Brake
    • Tilt Limit


    Drive at ease with GenEX
    Excellent durability – "Built To Last"

    Clark’s unrivaled upright performance comes from its unique and rugged structure. Sealed and canted rollers minimize deflection and free-play in both the upright and carriage. Six carriage load rollers spread out the load, significantly improving roller life. Side thrust rollers help prevent racking during off-center loading and massive high-strength steel fork bars work to extend component life.

    High strengthened rugged frame constructed with thick steel ensures a higher level of protection to major components compared to others who use thinner steel and even plastic.

    Clark: "Built to Last".