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Fork Lift Trucks

C RT 14-16-20

C RT 14-16-20

Q = 1.400 - 1.600 - 2.000 Kg
h3 = 4.060 = 9.750 mm

Reach Truck

Clark C RT realizes the ultimate in reach truck super-exceeding on the market, offering excellent performance under all kinds of working conditions. Each component and parts are strictly tested in order to achieve competitive and satisfactory product. The drive units, electronic controls like LOGIC CONTROL panel and mast comply with the highest quality standards. The per fect arran gement of all operating elements within easy re ach as well as the ergo nomic work-place and the mono-block fra me are typical standard features.

A clear advantage with every-day operation is the control of the lifting functions by means of the mini-joystick and electric proportional valves. The mast design for improved visibi lity as well as integrated side shifters ensure the absolute suitability for daily use and in creased safety of the trucks. In conjunction with the automatic diagnosis program and the possibility of adapting the operating pa rameters to the individual requirements of the operator, the truck allows for perfectly smooth operation.

With regard to effectiveness, the "tilting forks" facilitate an easier way of picking up loads. The program of optional special equipment includes many conveni ent items: a joystick, a lifting height in dication for the safe pi cking-up of loads high abo ve the ground, an automatic pre-selection of lifting heights (with a maximum of five pre-pro gramming steps), a video system with moni tor for the safe positioning of the fork tips, a battery exchange system for shift operation, and a cabin as well as a refrigerating storing house version for temperatures as low as -35C.


(.pdf) data sheet (C RT 14) | data sheet (C RT 16) | data sheet (C RT 16 SE) | data sheet (C RT 20)