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Fork Lift Trucks

C PS 15-20

C PS 15-20

Q = 1.500 - 2.000 Kg
h3 = 1.650 = 4.650 mm

Pedestrian pallet stacker

This is the industrial pedestrian operated lift truck solution for the purpose of over one day working time job. The robust configuration with four fixes points of support enables unique lateral stability for longer time operation. The strong cold-drawn mast prevents its twist and bending.

These trucks have been developed for all kinds of loading and unloading procedures, fea ture load capacities from 1,500 to 2,000 kg and thus enable the operator to ac complish a great variety of tasks safely and within a short pe riod of time. The trucks permit to be adapted individually to the customers' specific requirement profile, and can be optionally provided for driving with the control handle being in its vertical position in the case of con fined areas. Additional possibilities are offered by the cold storage version for temperatures as low as -35C.


(.pdf) data sheet (C PS 15) | data sheet (C PS 15P) | data sheet (C PS 20)