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GTX 16/18/20s

GTX 16/18/20s

  • *NEW
  • AC 48V Super-elastic Tire
  • GTX 16 3,200 lbs 1600 kg
  • GTX 18 3,600 lbs 1800 kg
  • GTX 20 4,000 lbs 2000 kg


(.pdf) data sheet

1985 was the most important year for the forklift industry since the development of the first forklift in 1917 by Clark. In 1985, the introduction of Clark’s Genesis series’ customer oriented concept truck was more than an evolution in the industry; it has since become the new standard for forklift construction.

20 years later, another important evolution is to be realized by the GenTX and GenEX.

GenTX and GenEX… more than standard.

Exceptional performance, maneuverability,reliability under any conditions

  • AC- Dual drive motors
  • Total AC power
  • 90° steering axle (GTX) • 101° steering angle (GEX)
  • Wet multi-disk brakes

Driving with remarkable acceleration, gradeability, and stability is no problem with dual drive motors of GenTX and GenEX, providing added traction, especially on wet or uneven surfaces. Each motors’ speed and direction is proportionally regulated by the steer tire position, and along with a sharp-turn steer axle, enables a small turning radius in comparison with other trucks of the same performance class. Fully enclosed wet multi-disk brakes provide constant brake performance even in humid, abrasive or corrosive environments. GenTX and GenEX react precisely and dynamically to the operator’s lift and tilt requirements through standard AC pump motor and controls.

Wet and uneven floors and tight working environments are not a problem for the GenTX or GenEX. They set a new standard in performance and maneuverability.

Excellent durability – “Built to Last”

Clark’s unrivaled performance in the forklift industry comes from unique and robust construction. Enclosed canted rollers minimize deflection, as well as free-play in both the upright and carriage. Six carriage load rollers evenly spread out the load, which significantly improves roller life. Side thrust rollers prevent racking during off-center loading, and massive high-strength steel fork bars prolong service life. Side thrust rollers prevent racking during off-center loading, and massive high-strength steel fork bars.

The robust chassis is built from heavy steel to better protect important components compared to the competition, who use thinner steel or even plastic parts.

Extra savings in cost

  • Total AC for maximum efficiency
  • Low maintenance wet multi-disk brake
  • Highly protected and reliable industry proven components

GenTX and GenEX come standard with a hydraulic pump control and full proportional lift. The pump motor only turns as fast as is needed for use, using only the required energy. Regenerative braking is available by releasing the accelerator pedal, changing direction of travel or applying the service brake, returning energy to the battery and not to the brakes in the form of heat.

The full AC system of GenTX and GenEX has made brush and contactor changes a thing of the past and the semi-permanent wet disc brake needs no adjustment and no periodic replacement of brake pads.

Industry proven components provide for high reliability, resulting in less down time. All motors are fully enclosed and are thus protected from water and dust and dirt particles; performance is controlled by monitoring the motor’s temperature should it ever approach its limit. All control elements are enclosed, so they are environmentally protected and additionally mounted high off the ground in the counterweight for protection.

Experience the hidden bonus – lower operating costs with the GenTX and GenEX.

  1. Battery discharging indicator
  2. Date and time display
  3. Hour meter and speed display
  4. Messages and truck direction indicator
  5. Mode select switch
  6. Parking brake reminder
  7. Seat belt alert
  8. Fault alert

Excellent comforts, user friendly

  • Real-time information on a colour display
  • Operator programmable parameters
  • Low noise pump
  • Various options

Real-time operating information, captured by a reliable CAN Bus system, is clearly displayed on a TFT LCD color display. 80 stored fault codes found through self-diagnosis can be displayed should the GenTX/GenEX not function correctly. Nearly 80 operating parameters, such as maximum speed, hydraulic flow rate, acceleration and brake performance, can be individually adjusted to suit the operator, as well as working conditions, not by an expensive handset or laptop computer, but by this intelligent display and a simple password function.

For more comfort and easier operation with maximized safety, a specially designed low noise hydraulic pump, a standard suspension seat and many other options are available.

Safe work

More comfort: Easier ascending / descending, as well as custom fitting to the driver by a movable steering wheel

Absolute safety: The emergency circuit breaker can be reached easily

Easy operation: GenTX / GenEX set brake

Ergonomics: Ample foot room, simple and comfortable operation of the pedals


The GenTX and GenEX have numerous options:

  • mini joystick control integrated into armrest
  • mini lever control integrated into armrest
  • fork leveler
  • video camera (backward, carriage)
  • Unitrol
  • seat shutdown
  • automatic seat brake
  • tilt limit


Dual-drive motors with counter rotation – allows spin turning

  • Center of rotation between the driving wheels
    Performs the smallest turn radius possible.
  • Dual drive motors
    Improved traction even on wet or uneven surfaces
  • Tire protection
    Both wheels are driven in the opposite direction so there is no wear on the steering tires, as is customary with 4-wheel forklifts, due to a 101° steering angle.
  • Driving sensor
    The position of the steering wheel is continuously transmitted to the control system

GEX 16/18/20s

Spin turning in place due to a 101° steering angle Greatest maneuverability with the smallest turning radius