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About Clark Stacatruc

Clark and Stacatruc have maintained a partnership for over 20 years supplying industrial forklifts to the U.K. market place.

Clark has continued to manufacture machines of the highest quality which have been built to last in even the most arduous working environments.

We, to this day still receive parts enquiries for machines built in the 1940ís. Some of this equipment is still running today. In this day and age most equipment is designed by computer to have a specific life span, whether it is a forklift or a toaster. Computer aided design using the finite element method is able to predict after a set number of cycles the machine is used for, what components are likely to fail. Designers of equipment are able to deliberately engineer machinery and components to offer its dealers and manufacturers an on-going profit source for each machine sold. However Clark machines have probably been built to last forever.

Should you require a machine to rent or buy, the most intelligent and cost effective choice is Clark.